Monday, May 10, 2010

Summer is coming

Guess what opened May 1st? Mario's Italian Lemonade!!! It's a major sign of summer for us. We've been going routinely since it opened. It's across from the library that we go to and also on the way home from Sam's school, so it's requested pretty often.

And since you can get a delicious icy treat there for $1, it's pretty hard to resist. Did I mention that I am always obsessed with ice for the last few months of pregnancy? It's really abnoxious actually. I sit on the couch chomping ice constantly.

And with all the flavors, it also lends itself to a long discussion about which flavor we are each getting. Sammy really likes to talk us all into getting what he's getting.

For the first visit, Claire got watermelon, Matt got lemon, I got cantaloupe, and Sammy... chocolate.

The italian ice stand is also located a mere block from Sheridan Park so we go there afterwards. The actual playground isn't that ridiculously exciting but the tree climbing is great!

And you can see the Sears Tower from the baseball field.

The benches by the field are the perfect place to finish off your ice. Summer is coming! Of course the highlight of our summer will be our new addition, but I'm hoping, maybe naively, that I'll still have enough energy and time around baby to keep up with some of our summer the beach...and Navy Pier. Well, if nothing else, we'll have Mario's.

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