Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat...a few days late

Halloween was kinda a downer this year. Claire got to go with Sam to school on Friday because they were having their costume party then, so that was probably the best part of it. Claire is Alice in Wonderland and Sammy is a policeman. Thanks for sending the costumes Aunt Laura!

The actual trick-or-treat night was cold! Everyone had coats over their costumes and for some reason it seemed that there were very few people handing out candy this year, so we only had a few houses to go to.

That worked out fine because everyone was so cold that they only wanted to go to a few houses anyway. We had the same basic crew as last year, and ended up at Sammy's buddy Ben's house for a chili party afterwards. The only difference was that we had Cecilia (Mary Poppins) and baby Dixie (a sea turtle) along with us this year.

Cecilia was very timid, and hated all scary people, people with masks, and the dark in general, so it wasn't the most successful night ever.

Most of the kids enjoyed hanging out at Ben's house afterwards the best where they ate grilled cheese and set up very complex bartering systems for their candy.

Well, not Sammy. He just ate his.

And then, at around 8pm he started saying he had a head ache and we heard him coughing. He was whining that he was cold too, so we took everyone home. He had a fever over 102 degrees and it has stayed that way for the following 2 days, so we're just here recovering and not sleeping very well at nights. Blech.

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ohio12 said...

The subtitle for everyone's Halloween should be "The Year Every Kid in the World Had the
#%&*@ Flu! I hope it is a quick recovery. The kids looked great. Sammy is SO handsome, even sick.

And Happy 30th! The 30's are the best (really!) -LK