Monday, November 2, 2009

The floors are almost done!

Last week, when I was feeling sick and tired and Matt was out of town I had to pick out a stain for the floors in the new house. I was very paranoid about the decision because I feel hopelessly incapable of making good decorating decisions right now. I picked that totally blah paint color and now the entire house is "Natural Wicker" so I didn't want to screw up the floors.

I had initially really planned on doing a dark brown floor stain throughout because I think that looks very sophisticated and fabulous, but in the end I opted for something more neutral because I think something a little more natural will probably complement our more casual style better. I've also heard horror stories about how much you can see the dust on dark brown floors.

Here is the dining room which extends off the living room. The whole living area is oak flooring.

The kitchen turns into maple floors. Remember these floors are all about 120 years old.

And the back of the house, which was an addition, is pine. We stained it all the same color, but each type of wood takes the stain a little different so there are definitely variances throughout the house.

But I don't mind that. I think it makes it have a little character.

Claire's room and Sammy's room have oak as well.

As does the hallway back to our bedroom.

But then, since our room is in the back addition, the floors are pine. They're really pretty I think. I did not think these floors were going to look as good as they do, that's for sure! All "we" (Mr Tommy and crew) have left to do is finish the staircase, put in the kitchen cabinets, paint the cabinets, get the appliances in, put in the countertop/sink, put in trim where there was none, and paint all the trim white. Mr. Tommy says by Friday or Monday at the latest. He's crazy! But I actually think he'll only be off by a few days. He's so fast! Get out your blackbooks Chicago ladies because at the end of all this project I'm going to give you Mr. Tommy's contact info, and trust me, you want it!


ohio12 said...

it is looking GREAT!

Robin said...

I'm loving the kitchen floor especially. What a great idea - different floors/wood, but same color stain. You are a decorating genuis.