Friday, November 27, 2009

The house that Mr. Tommy built

Well, in the last week, we've moved out of our old house, into our new, cleaned our old house, somewhat arranged our new one, and have (I think) successfully hosted our first Thanksgiving which included Matt's family and my family (16 people in all). Needless to say, we haven't had much time for things like taking pictures, (or sleeping!) but we've had a great time nonetheless. I don't have pictures of the whole house yet, but here is a little sneak preview of the house that Mr Tommy built for us.

The new kitchen.

The old kitchen.

The new living room, (the fireplace is still in the process of being converted from a fake fireplace to a woodburning one).

The old one.

The new dining room.

The weird dark storage room off of the living room that is now our dining room.

The new living room after taking down the wall between the door and the living room.

The old living room with the wall that separated the house into a 2-flat.

The new staircase, complete with Sammy's spy equipment (jump rope tied to a pair of goggles) hanging down.
The old staircase with the wall that separated the foyer from the living room, and with the door that lead into the kitchen.

Anyway, I'll have more later, but right now that's all I got! Happy late Thanksgiving!


aunt Marty said...

Looks amazing, Susan. You are really coming along and to have Thanksgiving to boot is awesome. Hope you are feeling well and trying to nap when you can.

I sure do like Mr. Tommy. :)

Ellagator said...

Hey Susan I love your blog! I have a blog too but my hubby makes me keep it private. Send me your email and I'll forward you the link.

Kendra :)

Jenn Discher said...

suze, it looks great! can't wait to see it in person...

Anonymous said...

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