Sunday, August 30, 2009


The yard was finished the middle of last week. Keeping Sammy and his friends off of our tiny amount of grass has been a project in and of itself, but we're trying to keep it pretty here people!
Before Matt left for the week, last week, we started a bit of a tradition in the evenings called: "Boys camp army vs. Girls camp army". It means that the boys make a camp and stock up on nerf guns and ammo...
...and so do the girls. That's our camp there behind the chairs with the red cushions. The boys have some tactics, but don't mess with Claire...she has her own! After this game ended in tears a couple times, we stopped playing it for a while. It was fun while it lasted.
Also before Matt left town Claire lost her first top front tooth. Then, the day after he left she lost her second front top tooth. At least we know what to get her for Christmas!
While Matt was out of town it rained a lot. Which meant that I had to entertain two kids all day long inside a lot. So, we got out the power tools. Sammy has been using Matt's drill to make holes in boxes. I think it helps him get out his aggression! Safe? I'm not sure. But we can't be safe all the time.
Then I let the kids repaint the dining room/kitchen/entry with me. It needed it badly and we're trying to get renters to come see the house, so I decided we might as well start the projects while daddy was gone. We needed something to do! And honestly, they weren't that bad at it. I was surprised.
Of course, we made a trip to the thrift store, where Sammy found this sweet tool belt complete with RAINBOW suspenders to hold it up. He was pleased as punch.
We also made a trip to the 'burbs just to get out of the city a while. We ended up in Wheaton, where Matt and I went to college, and we visited the little red door candy store, went to the park, and ran on the prairie path. Sammy even got to take a peek at the football field where Matt had played. He was very disappointed that there was a "Field closed" sign on the gate.
After an unfortunate incident with some permanent markers, I decided the table (formerly regular wood) needed to be painted white. So, we did that together too.
Matt came home on Friday, and then the kids had their last t-ball game on Saturday.
The kids have really loved t-ball, and both of them have gotten pretty good this year!
And Sammy met this cute kid who can make sweet armpit noises! Instant best friend.
And here is Sammy showing Miles how huge his muscles are.
Coach Matt is still cute, in case you wondered.
Since this was their final week, coach Charlie decided they should hit without the "tee". They all got at least one hit! Claire ran all the way to third on this hit.
Then, on Saturday night, the Cowens came over. They brought sweet baby Dixie, who is now 7 weeks old. Sammy made her a bed in a laundry basket, so they let her lay there for a while.
And, miraculously, my sitter has moved back to Chicago, so the adults got to go out to dinner while the kids stayed home with Coco. Dixie came with us of course.
Here are the Cowens at Baba Reeba, our favorite tapas spot.
I got this beverage trio called "White Flight". Don't worry: I shared. Most of them were too sweet anyway.
But, speaking of sweet, Mary decided she needed a cupcake for dessert so we headed over to Sweet Mandy B's in Lincoln Park after dinner. She didn't have to twist my arm too hard to get me there. I love this place! The whole place smells like buttery sugar.
I left with all of these. Alright, one of them was Mary's, but I got the rest for myself. I really did. The kids and I had the leftovers for breakfast this morning.
****Disclaimer: So, all in all, things have been on the up-and-up. Except that after the date Matt and I got in a huge fight. And then I didn't want to go to church this morning because I was upset and tired from the week. And then while I was trying to have "me" time, this Jehovah's witness guy came knocking at my door. And he wouldn't leave even though I was sitting there in my underwear. So after about 15 scary knocks I got up and opened the door (after throwing on a sweatshirt of course). And then I had to stand there for 45 minutes and defend the deity of Christ to him because I'm a good pastors daughter and it upset me that he was at my door on Sunday morning telling me that Jesus isn't God. So now everyone is about to walk in the door from church and I'm still in my underwear with coffee breath and there are no cupcakes left. Wah! Alright, I'm done.

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Urban Mom said...

*gasp!* you were at sweet mandy b's?? so jealous... also, try bittersweet on belmont. they serve lunch, which is fine. but it's the desserts that really bring people in!

LOVE that look on claire's face holding the nerf gun.