Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Dischers

The Dischers came into town the same weekend that we were gone in Michigan for the wedding. They stayed at our house for a few days and hung out with other friends for the weekend until we came back. The Dischers are friends from our old small group at our old church. They moved to Texas a few years ago. We miss them.
Jenn and I like to talk about things and she is very funny and fun to be around and very gracious.
Gracious was important this weekend because my kids had stayed up until midnight at the wedding for two nights in a row, so they were disasters when we got back into Chicago on Sunday. We tried to take them with us to do fun Chicago stuff, but Sammy, especially, was a whiny, fussy, disobedient disaster. Jenn just kept acting like he was great. And let me tell you, he was NOT great.
Matt misses Ryan because he's a strapping athletic young man and he tosses the football around with Matt. For some reason, Matt has had a hard time coming up with friends who will still play with him. So, when Ryan comes into town, he gets his fill of football, frisbee, basketball, etc. I won't even tell you the story about when Matt and Ryan decided to take on some neighborhood guys around here one time in a pick-up basketball game. Pretty funny those two.
Ryan was also gracious with Sammy. He played with him on the playground a lot which made Sam very happy.
And then we decided that Claire should take our picture on a dolphin at the park.
On Monday we went to the Lego store on Michigan Ave.
Sammy could have hung out there all day.

They even had pirate stuff for some reason. Sam loves pirates right now.
It is a very fun store. If you are in Chicago with little kids (or big kids) I'd highly recommend it.
Thanks for playing with us Jenn and Ryan. We miss you around here. If you ever feel like moving back, we won't be sad! And I promise I'll try to turn Sammy into a regular human being before the next time you visit. But I can't promise anything unfortunately.


ohio12 said...

I am sorry, but Jen Discher is perfection. She looks like Natalie Portman. Lately I feel like I look like Suzi Orman.

Jenn Discher said...

Suze! I just read this because my life is a crazy disaster right now. ha. not totally, but school just started. Thanks for your kind words. I really did think Sammy was great...very boy, but great. :) And Ryan kept saying how pretty and precious Claire is.
Miss you guys! Thanks so much for having us.