Thursday, August 20, 2009

They start young

Sam and Claire's buddy, Cecilia, was over this morning for a little playdate. They had a tea party. There were cookies. There was excessive sugar poured into tiny tea cups. All the good stuff.
I was very involved, can you tell? I was totally paying attention to them and engaging them as a good mother should.
A little fight broke out about who was to have the last cookie, so after splitting it EQUALLY three ways, I turned on a little music for dancing. Usually, they just dance individually, but Cecilia and Claire decided that it should be like a wedding reception and that Sammy should dance with each of them to wedding songs.
The boy has some moves....I'm not gonna lie. And a tight grip on that waist.
Cecilia had a few Charleston-like moves herself.
Nice finish son.
Then Cecilia announced that she and Sammy were the bride and groom and that "there should be a kiss". I was about to say "on the cheek" but he suddenly planted a huge mouth kiss on her. Then he laughed. She looks a little stunned doesn't she? Sorry for letting him be so fresh Cecilia! Alright kids, go play something else now....good grief.

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