Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This week in review

Things at our house are CRAZY right now. The new house (it doesn't belong to us yet) is being worked on so that the "inspection issues" can stop preventing us from closing. So last week I spent a lot of hours with Tommy-the-tool-man while he and Sammy spread plaster over formerly moldy walls. But they aren't moldy anymore! Bonus.
Sunday we went into the Working Bikes Coop, which is a great non-profit that fixes up donated bikes and sends them to charity organizations all over the world. They also sell a few of them, which is why I was there. I've had two bikes stolen in the last five years so I wanted to get something less expensive this time. And something vintagey and old would be cool. I didn't find the exactly right thing this time...maybe next time.
We also went to Matt's favorite place in the world: Oberweiss. Chocolate milkshakes make him very happy.
This waffle recipe is the best thing in the world. I got it here. It has cornmeal in it, which we are big fans of. If you have a waffle-maker, make these. Your family will thank you.
Matt has made his pizza a couple of times and he has really perfected the crust. Keep it comin' Big Guy. Any night I can NOT cook makes me happy.
This project has been going on for a week and I'm totally ready for it to be done. Our yard has always been an embarassment and doesn't grow grass. We found out that was because our builder just put sod on top of a junk yard. Sammy dug up beer cans, bricks, bathroom tile, gloves, boots...awesome. So, we dug down six inches and now the nice guys from Lake Street Landscaping are supposed to come this morning to put down new soil and sod.
Sammy found this bike basket in the trash behind our house so he has been playing delivery-guy this week.
*Update: I just found out from my mother, and others, that people are thinking I meant that Sammy can write these words like this...and he can not. I write them and he sounds them out. He can't even draw a nice circle, let alone letters. Sorry for the miscommunication!
In light of our landscaping adventures, Sam has been practicing his letters more and more (he knows all the letter sounds now and how to sound out some three-letter words!) and now knows how to spell "sod" and "grass" and a few other landscaping words. I wasn't sure if this kid was going to be a good homeschooling candidate, but he's been suprising me lately!
Something that is NOT making me happy right now is an infestation of fruit flies. They seem to be really fond of wine, so we put a little wine in a glass and put the fruit-fly trap on top. It has done the job pretty well, but I hate bugs. Ick.

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Robin said...

Way to go Sammy & Susan! We're so impressed with how you (Sammy, not so much Susan)already know your letter sounds and can even read! To think, people pay mega-bucks to tutors to help their kindergartners accomplish what Sammy already knows. You're so great at this homeschooling stuff. What a bunch of smartey-pants : )