Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tooth fairies DO come to the ghetto!

Guess who is getting to be a big girl? (Whether I want her to or not). My Clalire had 2 wiggly teeth a few weeks ago, and she has held onto those babies for as long as she could.
She was in not rush, (Claire-style...chilled out).  By the end, she could bend each one completely forwards and completely backwards and we could see the teeth growing in underneath.
But she wouldn't let us pull them. She mastered the art of eatting with her back teeth, but I kept imagining with each bite she took that those things were going to fall into her mouth and she was going to swallow them. We told her all the stories you are supposed to tell kids about teeth: like how we used to just tie a string to our tooth, tie the other end to the door, and then slam it to get it out. Didn't your parents suggest that? My dad loved torturing us with ideas like that. He never would have let me walk around the house with some ultra-loose snaggle tooth.
But Claire is Claire, and with each tooth, she worked it out on her own while in bed at night and then came up to show us. She likes to do things her own way in her own time...that's our girl. So, one came out last week, while Matt was out of town, and I had to be the tooth fairy for the first time in my life....all by myself. The big kids at her school sew "tooth pillows" which are just little cushions with a pocket in them for your teeth to go in when they fall out. She dutifuly put her tooth in a little baggy and then left it for the fairy.  I tried hard to make it special. I made a little note from the fairy, picked up a "gold dollar", and snuck it under her pillow perfectly.
So, tonight, the 2nd one came out, so the tooth fairy had to return. She left a note again...tooth fairies can't show you their faces, you know!!!
I even burned the edges of the note. I'm not sure why. It made it look a little old and special and treasure-map-like. Or, it might just look burned up. But either way...she liked it.
Here is OUR tooth fairy taking Claire's tooth away. I can't draw at all, so it looks like her feet are on sideways, but whatever.
Now, for the first tooth, you get a gold dollar around here, but for the second tooth, you get a silver dollar. So, that's what she will be bringing up in the morning. Sammy raided her piggy bank and stole her gold dollar a few days after she received it, so, since it is now nowhere to be found, it might have to be replaced. Oh Sammy. Anyway, she's growing up...she'll be 6 in 10 days!


mimi said...

Ahh, your tooth fairy writes notes? Lucky

Your daughter has perfect teeth. Lucky again!

At my boys request, we put a string around one loose tooth and pulled(didn't work). One boy, finally took a battery and knocked it out on his own. Ha! It's never boring at our house.

ohio12 said...

Congrats to the Puffs. Didn't they just get their teeth like six months ago?

I love the idea for the notes. I am going to do that too.

Kristina thought maybe get a present instead of money, but I was like "no way..too much pressure to come up with little gifts." Also I am going to start off with like two dimes and a nickle to keep expectations low.

PS: I love mimi's story about her boys. Their house must be crazy! Sammy x 2.

Urban Mom said...

Neat! U-Kid 1 is dying to start losing teeth like a big kid. Can I ask how old Claire is? U-Kid 1 is 5 1/2.

Congrats on the milestone!