Friday, March 13, 2009

Over the Rainbow Bridge

At Claire's school, they celebrate birthdays through the telling of a story and a little ceremony. The basic line of the story is that there are little star children in heaven waiting to come down to their families, and so on each child's birthday, the teacher tells the story of how God picks a family for the child and then the child's angel walks the child over a rainbow bridge that goes from heaven to earth, where the child's parents are waiting to receive them. In the class, the child walks from the teacher to the parents on a little rainbow bridge made out of silk cloths.
Here is my little star child in her rainbow cape and star-child crown. Tomorrow, she is turning 6!
My parents were able to come in last night and will be staying for a few days. Claire was very excited to have Grammy and Grandad at her school for the morning. Sammy got to be in her class for the morning too....right next to Grandad the whole time.
Here is the class at the snack table getting ready for Claire's birthday cake. Isn't it sweet and homey?
The teacher makes a big apple cake for the class and a little miniature one for the birthday child.
Here is the little star child crown that they wear for the ceremony. Isn't it lovely? It's all felted and really beautiful, I think.
Claire and mommy.
My little almost-six-year-old playing in the yard after snack...complete with the little window from her two lost teeth.
This is my dad on the playground. Matt didn't get a good picture, but he actually lead about 10 little boys in this march around the playground and over a little bridge that they built out of boards. Very funny. I think my dad enjoyed the school as much as the boys! I know Sammy loved showing off his Grandad to his friends. Sammy and Grandad have the same birthday, you know...April 22nd.
Claire's birthday party is's her invitation. I'm sure I'll have to post pictures of crazy 6 year old girls running all over my house tomorrow. We love you Claire!!!

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On the Verge said...

i love that invitation! cute cute
wish i coulda been there