Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New favorite thing

     So, I have a new "favorite thing". It's the magic bullet mixer. It's like a tiny blender, but very powerful. My mom has one, and when I used to make baby food for the kids, I sometimes borrowed it. One of my famous babyfoods for the kids was "green applesauce" which was just fresh (not's too stringy) spinach and applesauce mixed together. Spinach has a really mild flavor so when it's mixed with applesauce you can't even taste it. And I put a LOT of spinach in. Now, Claire went on to eat spinach salad as she got older, but Sammy would never touch the stuff in salad form, so I kept the green applesauce going for him.

But we do get tired of it sometimes, so I bought the magic bullet and now we've moved on to all kinds of smoothies. The most popular right now is frozen mango, a tiny bit of juice (just to make it a little more liquid), plain yogurt, and spinach. And I use a LOT of spinach. You seriously can't taste the spinach!
This is especially true with the magic bullet because it pulverizes it so completely that it's not even a weird texture.
Alright, I sound like a commercial now, but I just had to share my new favorite thing. It makes getting fruits and vegetables into Sammy so much easier. And, I wash the thing the way my mom used to wash our blender by just filling it with hot water and soap and making a "soap milkshake". The kids think that's fun too.
No one would give me a good smile, (they just got home from school and were tired/dirty) but they really like it! Now, granted, I served it with hot dogs so I'm not exactly a health purist, but I do what I can. And I can make green milkshakes!

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