Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Make this on St Patty's day

I stole this recipe directly off of a different blog so just know that I'm not claiming any responsibility for the fabulousness of this food, but I DID make it and it's good in my opinion. A few people have asked me about it, so I'm posting it here.

It's a recipe for corned beef that is baked and not boiled and I definitely prefer it to the boiled. It's all about this sweet hot mustard recipe that you put on top. I couldn't find the mustard sauce at the store, so I googled it and then WAY downscaled it from THIS recipe.
You start with a scant 1/4 cup of dry mustard and mix it with about 1/4 cup of sugar in a sauce pan.

Then, you whisk in an egg yolk and about 1/4 cup of vinegar until it's well blended. Finally, turn on the heat and cook this custardy mix, whisking constantly, until it is smooth and thick, (about 5 minutes?). Remove it from heat and whisk in about tablespoon of honey. Save it for later.

Now, get yourself a really good, uncured piece of corned beef (I got mine from my meat coop and it was awesome. Then, I got it from Whole Foods when I made it again  for my whole family and it was too salty, I thought, but everyone else said it was okay still).
Then, just follow the recipe for the baked corned beef from Simply Recipes and it will be divine. It basically involves poking cloves into the meat, slathering on the sauce and baking it in tin foil for 2 hours on 325. Then, at the end, you take off the foil, cut off the fat (well, I did) and then reslathering it with the last of your sauce and broiling it for a few minutes. Let the meat rest and then slice and serve.

Dont' forget some kind of potatoes and sauteed cabbage. The first time I made mashed potatoes and sauteed purple cabbage. When my extended family came over I made the crispy potatoe galette from Taste the Love  and they were pretty good and fun to make. 

*Even Luella loved the corned beef! Which may account for the wicked diaper rash she has had this week. Oops! 

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