Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Grammy and Grandad were here...and Luella was dedicated

This was a big weekend for us at the Harris household. My parents were here. They were in Ohio last week visiting Laura's family, but they came home by way of Chicago to see us. Yay! My kids love their Grammy and Grandad very much.
Sammy is Grandad's buddy and they spent a lot of time together.
For instance, my dad spent a few hours a day in our basement doing a band with Sammy and Claire. It's really cold in my basement so that accounts for Grandad's quilt. Haha! He also buys things off of Ebay that he thinks the grandkids would like and brings them with him when he visits. This time he brought a microscope so Claire looked at things under the microscope for about 4 hours a day....that was right up her alley.

On Friday we got to see my cousins and Aunt and Uncle from Barrington. I didn't get any pictures that night, but this is Carl with his fiance, Abby. They are planning their wedding and are getting married 2 weeks before my sister, Katie, this summer.
We also saw my cousin Hilary and her husband Mark.

And of course they brought their baby girl, Leia, who, as you  may remember was born on Luella's due date so they were very cute together! My Aunt Becky and Uncle Rich were there as well but I can't find a picture of them. Regardless, it was great to see everyone and we all stayed up late and partied together. Good times.

But on Sunday morning, we had Luella's dedication at church. It was neat because both my parents and Matt's parents were able to be there along with Aunt Rebecca, one of Matt's sisters.

I wanted to cry when they asked us if we would commit to bringing Luella up in a home where her faith can flourish. Yikes! It's such a big job being a parent. What a heavy responsibility we bear.
Then it was over to our house for pizza. This is grandma and Rebecca with the newly dedicated Wella Wella.  Does she look any brighter or shinier? :)
The dads (grandpas) had a great time discussing teacher's unions....
...and Grammy held Luella who suddenly burst into fever halfway through the afternoon.
Thank goodness Grammy was here to rock her back to health. :) We miss you mom and dad! Thanks for coming.

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