Monday, March 7, 2011

The Little Red Hen

Claire's "troupe" has been working on practicing the play "The Little Red Hen". This weekend we had them perform the play for their moms and dads (and a few others) at Bridget's gallery on south Halsted street.

This lovely lady and her husband (Nicky and Eric) were kind enough to paint a backdrop and sew costumes for the kids LATE into the night before the play. When she said she was making costumes, I was planning on a few paper ears taped onto a headband or something, but I should have known.
She went ALL out! Look at Talia, our cute Little Red Hen!

And the cats!

And Talia's little brother, Ellis, was the frog. But wait for it. I know Ellis is cute, but wait....
Look who was the pig!

Holy Shamoly. Ridiculous amounts of cuteness. Look at the ears. The best part is she kept crawling around and making little grunting noises the whole time like a real little piglet. Haha.

We couldn't really talk most of the big girls into being the animals (I guess I should have thought about the fact that 8 year old girls don't usually want to dress up as pigs and frogs)....

 so the rest of the girls were our "narrators".

We let the little brothers and sisters be the other parts. Like, Sammy, who was a stellar "Miller".

My big sewing contributions were these little chick marrionettes, (in this play the Little Red Hen has 10 chicks that eat the bread at the end).

And I made the sacks of flour and grain. Woohoo! I have wicked sewing skills now.

They were super cute. Are you seeing the backdrop that Mr Erick painted for us?

It was heavily attended by moms and dads and a few friends of the families.

And the bonus was that they had worked hard on an original play entitled: "Sammy and the Six Princesses". Sam was a knight who had to win the love of the princesses by doing "challenges".

Mainly they sent him to find certain treasures that he had to bring back to them.

The main point of this play was the costumes. The girls wanted to wear dresses and Sammy wanted to be a knight.

This is Zoe (Sammy's favorite)!

After the play we served fresh homemade bread, (you know, like what the Hen would have baked).  And bread pudding. And tamales. And salmon. A slightly odd combination of foods that came together out of our unorganized potluck, but they were all delicious! At the end we gave the girls (and boys) their "performance" badges. They did great!

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Janna said...

Hi Susan! So what is this "troupe"? Is it some sort of homeschooling group? the pictures are super cute.
Also wondering about your meat coop mentioned in a previous blog. I assume you get your meat in the city; any tips for finding good meat out in the 'burbs for once I'm back?