Monday, February 8, 2010

Sick days

My children have been convalescing around here this weekend. Nothing serious, but congestion, snot, and coughs (the really croupy sounding kind) has kept us home for the last 4 days. Sammy is the sickest, but of course he can't just lay around and read like Claire would. He kept asking yesterday to just play outside. And I would have let him, except that whenever he runs he ends up in a coughing fit so bad that his eyes start watering and he starts choking. SO, we've had to find other things to stay busy.

We made valentines a couple times.
I was especially proud of Sam for making this one all alone! Claire taught him how to make little paper flowers on the end of a pencil and then he made a bunch himself! I did cut that heart out for him, but he cut the edges off the paper himself! I though that was cute of him. It's probably the longest time he sat still all weekend.
We also did all the puzzles that are in the house. Sammy's favorite is this giant animal one that goes on the floor. It's about 2 ft' by 3 ft' big. And none of the pieces are missing like in so many of our other puzzles. He really hates that. We've also started playing "go fish" together as a family. Sammy likes to be on my team, but when Claire and Matt get together they both get that evil ultra-competitive look in their eye so sometimes I have to split them up. That Harris blood. No one likes to lose in that family.
Now it's Monday and Sammy is still coughing up a storm, so even though I had big school plans for Claire and I this week, I did the right thing and kept him home. But I can't do much school with Claire because they are actually playing suprisingly well together and I don't want to break it up.
They are making elaborate tents and I believe in this game Sammy was the hunter/animal rescuer (you CAN be both at once) and Claire was the sick baby or something.

And I made us these fabulous super-fiberous bran muffins that I learned about at Farmgirl Fare. I actually made the banana blueberry variation that she has and I was very very happy with them.

Especially once they had the proper amount of butter on them. Which is a lot, if you didn't know. I'm trying to wean myself off of the cinnamon rolls and onto something with some nutrition in it. This weekend I went into a grand depression (more on that later) and I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the fact that I was temporarily out of key lime pie, cinnamon roll dough, and cookie dough all at the same time. For the last month, I pretty much always have all of those options in the fridge at once. If I don't change my ways, I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up with that gestational diabetes. Seriously.
Here is Claire teaching Sammy to read today. It went like this:

Claire: Sam, it says "Goliath was a giant." Now you say that.
Sam: Goliath was a giant.
Claire: Good. Now it says "But David was not a giant. He wasn't even a big man." Now say that.
Sam: But David was not a giant. He wasn't even a big man.
Claire: Good!

I think he's pretty much reading now thanks to big sister! Haha.

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