Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chair decision

We need living room chairs. I bought these wicker ones at Christmas time (they are outside chairs actually) to get us through the holidays, but 1) they look ridiculous with our other furniture, and 2) they are going to be a pile of straw by the time Sammy is done sitting on them (okay, jumping off of them). So, I need help deciding on a style. We need two chairs facing the couch. Here are a few I found:

This is from overstock.

So is this.

And this one too.

Wait, so is this.

This is Ballard Designs and it's the skinniest one, which is good in this room.
And this is West Elm and it might be my favorite at the moment, ('s tan!).

And these are the two ways to lay out the room. With the couch facing the fireplace...

...and thus chairs on either side of the fireplace. Don't you love the hefty bag over the fireplace hole? Mr Tommy has finished ALMOST everything here.

Or, we can leave the couch on the window wall and have the chairs facing it on the other side of the rug. Any suggestions???? Don't be afraid to say you hate all the chairs. I don't own any of them yet. :)


On the Verge said...

i like the first one and the one that you like as your fave. with the couch not facing the fireplace.

Aunt Marty said...

Suze, From experience and working in interior design, I think you would be disappointed to get a chair without any arms at all. Kids need to lean, everyone needs to lean on something without feeling like they're going to fall off. Just not comfy. So, go smaller chair, but get one with arms. Also, depending upon the season and where the focal point of your room (windows sometimes and fireplace eventually :) feel free to move your furniture around and not keep it in one space. Finally, I really like the top of the hutch off ( more contemporary ) and I bet the bigger mirror works nicely! Do you have something for the other wall as it can feel heavy on just one end. Can't wait to see you guys and I'm SOOO thankful Claire is better.

Jenn Discher said...

i don't know if i'm too late to weigh in on this, but my vote is for the couch in front of the windows, not facing the fireplace...that way, you're not blocking the entryway when you come into the might feel more inviting. and i love your place. it's fabulous. and so are you. :)