Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dining room help needed

I'm struggling with my dining room. I have these great pieces (the table and the hutch/sideboard) from my aunt, but I am not good at accessorizing them. With the tan walls and the light wood furniture, I'm afraid I've left that room to look like the inside of a paper bag.

So. we took the hutch off the sideboard and I got a lamp, candle sticks, and mirror for it to try to spice it up a bit. But then I got the mirror home and realized it was way too small. I found another one that's much bigger so that's what I want to try next. I'm not very good at accessories. I really liked that lamp at the store, but did you notice that the shade is the color of the wall? I can't stop buying things that are tan. Somebody stop me! My sister said that she thinks I tend to make weird decorating decisions when I'm pregnant. She might be right.

The good news is that Ms. Pneumonia is feeling better, which is good since she's supposed to be on skis in a few days!


ohio12 said...

glad you found a bigger one...thats what she said.

also, i think my neice is taller than i am. i don't think my feet touch the floor on that sofa. also, it isn't that you make "weird" decisions so much as you make lots and lots of them and obsess about them. i was starting to worry about you today and then i remembered, "oh yes...i have seen this before...everytime she is pregnant."

On the Verge said...

i was maybe gonna suggest a floor lamp instead of a lamp that sits next to the mirror, and then get the bigger mirror and keep it more simple. Doesnt your neighbor across the street have that huge mirror in her little dinning room? what does she have on her counter in front of it?