Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More favorite things...

I'd like to write about great resolutions I'm making, as many others are doing right now, but it seems that the devil can hear my thoughts and the second I make a resolution, it gets ruined somehow, so I dare not even think them, let alone share them on a blog. The second I resolve to read my Bible more, I become a complete narcoleptic and pass out on the couch with my Bible on my lap. When I resolve to clean my house during Sammy's naptime, he inevitably wakes up from his nap in half the time. I tend to do better if I just pick a few things and subtly try to do a little better and then sometimes it sneaks up on me and I do just that: a little better.

But, until I become a better person, I thought I'd at least share what things I like right now about life. Because not being completely pessimistic or generally discontent would be a good resolution for me to have (if I were to have resolutions).

For one, I still like the Salvation Army. Even with Christmas just behind us and plenty of new toys, Sammy is still generally discontent with life unless he is being 100% entertained by someone. That is why on Tuesdays I take him with me to the gym and then to the Salvation Army. Sometimes I find something funky for myself, but he almost always picks up a $.50 something or other, like this little truck thing that he is playing with here. And when it's hot off the press, it's the best toy ever, even if it's just a little metal digger like this one. He played with it and even got Claire into it for a good while. I'll probably end up taking it back to the Salvation Army in a few weeks, but it buys me a few hours of content playing once a week.

Hard boiled eggs. We can't get enough of them. We actually call them "Frances eggs" because of this book called "Bread and Jam for Frances" which Claire and I love. In the story, Frances actually doesn't like eggs at all, but it was the first time Claire had seen a picture of a hard-boiled egg, so when I actually made them, she called them, of course: "Frances eggs". I've just realized that they are the quickest best breakfast, snack, lunch, whatever! And my kids love them...with salf of course, the only good way.

My new travel coffee mug. I lose them all the time, but this one has stuck with me since Christmas and having coffee-to-go again is making me a much more energetic mom in the morning. My kids will probably remember me with disheaveled hair and coffee breath driving them to school in the morning, but isn't that how you're supposed to remember mom during the early years?

This turtleneck which I bought with my Express gift card at Christmas (thanks mom) is awesome and I'm wearing it way too often. I also got it in plain black. For some reason, I just feel a little bit together when I put it on in the morning. It has become my end-of-winter mom shirt. I wore one sweater way too long in the fall and I knew I had worn it too often when my kids would say things like "get your sweater on mom...let's get going!" Like I only had the one thing to put on or something.

We have all had various colds and other ailments this winter (ear infections, sinus infections, etc) so we are all religiously taking our "Isotonix" which I buy from my mom, who sells these great supplements. I take the multi-vitamin and an antioxidant, as well as Glucosatrine (great for joint health! My chiropractor promotes them too) and "Greens". Everyone needs greens right? My kids actually take other ones as well: multivitamin, a digestive enzyme (Sammy's lactose intolerant) and an antioxidant. Anyway, Claire has been staying home from school some this week with a cough and runny nose and we are all practically on an IV-drip of supplements to boost our immune systems. But even my kids love this stuff, and that's saying something!

So, I guess it's nothing too exciting: a thrift store, eggs, turtlenecks, travelling coffee mugs, and vitamin supplements, but sometimes it's the little things in life that get us through the day, right?


ohio12 said...

love the post. i made the eggs this week too, but I accidentally soft boiled them and they were gross. (so I am just eating the kalamata olives that i got to go with them straight out of the jar) i posted too, if you want to check it out.

MA mom said...

Salvation Army toys...what a great solution since interest usually wanes rather quickly. Meets two needs at the same time.

MA mom said...

You know how happy it makes me to know you're taking your Isotonix...and a picture too!! What a fun thing for your mom.