Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daddy's gone for the week...

Well, Matt's outta here for the week, so I've got the kiddos every night by myself, which is always a little lonely for all of us. We miss daddy, that big hairy dark guy who plays rowdy stuff and lays in the middle of the living room floor at night while Claire tells him stories and Sam drives trucks on him.

When Matt's gone, I tend to fry stuff. Like, I just pull meat out of the freezer and whatever it is, it gets fried. So, tonight I had these turkey cutlets so they got fried into tiny little turkey nuggets. The kids loved them.

And they especially loved getting to eat their dinner in front of the tv...a big no-no when Matt's home. Don't tell anyone that Sammy's favorite show is Madeline.

Then we busted out some YouTube videos and played a little band. I was supposed to be on drums while Claire sang and Sammy did guitar. This went on for quite a while...poor the guys upstairs (we have students that live above us in the other condo). They must have heard us blasting Cecilia on repeat about a dozen times.

Sammy loves this song because he has a little baby crush on the teacher's daughter, Cecilia, who is coming over for a playdate on Thursday. I think Sammy's practicing some moves so she'll think he's a cool band guy. And yes, I realize that this song is completely inappropriate for small children, but I can't help singing it myself whenever Sammy mentions Cecilia...it just gets stuck in my head. I promise that they don't listen to anything else inappropriate.

I tried to Simon-and-Garfunkel Claire up a little bit for a costume, but it ended up a little not-quite-right. Oh well, she doesn't know the difference.

Then we got ready for bed...and now I'm kinda lonely. And I'm cold. I always feel cold when he's out of town. Come back big hairy guy!


mimi said...

I love the song Cecilia( I almost put it on my playlist)--how can you not get up and dance to that one! My guy is going out of town too-can make for some long days.

mimi said...

I forgot to mention....my boys love Madeline too!!