Saturday, March 17, 2012

On becoming nine (and 32)...

Claire turned nine this week. We can't believe it. She had cupcakes with her school buddies on the actual birthday (3/14).

This is the other half of the crew.

I made cheese enchiladas and refried beans for her on her birthday night because I was craving it, probably. But that's what happens when your mom is pregnant on your birthday. ;)

Incidentally, Matt turned 32 this week as well. On St Patrick's day.We made him green pancakes.

We do it every year.

He loves it. We think....not sure if anyone has ever asked him actually. ;)

But then the pancakes had to be cleaned up and the counters cleared off because we had Claire's birthday party that day as well. She wanted a green St Patrick's day theme cake.

I was happy to oblige because three layers is a lot easier than seven!

The girls were her usual suspects, minus Lucy and Nora, our favorite curly-haired friends who had a bat mitzvah to attend that day.

Even Wella got to stay. But Sam went to a friends house..too many girls.

Claire wanted crafts, per her usual, and last summer she loved doing tie dye at family camp, so we tried to replicate it.

It was messy, but fun.

This was one of her gifts...a teensy tiny tea set. It's made by someone's mom and she makes them with real pottery and glazes them and everything!

Our nine year old.

The cake layers.

The gang, (minus a few who had to leave early). I love these girls! Especially the middle one. And the pesky, dirty boy on the right that showed up at the end for cake. Haha. Happy Birthday Claire Bear! And Matt...


On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

Precious!!! She looks like 9 going on 19!! miss you guys!

harada57 said...
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