Saturday, March 13, 2010

Claire's rainbow birthday party

So, Claire's big 7th birthday party was today. We started the preparations last night because we decided to make a 7-layer rainbow birthday cake, (with the idea I stole from Meg Duerksen).
You make 2 white birthday cakes and divide it into 7 bowls, dying each one a different color. We used Wilton's icing food coloring from Michael's. It really works!

It looked so pretty on the plate by itself that I hardly wanted to frost it!
The fun started this morning at 11. We ate grilled cheese per Claire's request...

...and fruit made into a rainbow. My friend Mary (Cecilia and baby Dixie's mom) came a little early and helped me with the last-minute preparations. She even covered my cookie tray with foil for a fruit platter since I apparently own zero platters.

Claire was very happy to have all her buddies there. Lucy and Annabel have been at every birthday party I've ever given Claire! Last night we watched home videos of Claire's old birthday parties (a tradition we've had for the last few years) and it was so fun to see little baby Claire and Annabel and Lucy.

We made fairy gardens. You soak wheat berries over night, and then spread them over dirt in a pan. Then you can decorate it with little jewels and miniature-sized stuff. The seeds look funky for now, but they sprout into tiny grass within a few days and then it's really cute. The girls loved it! In case you ever make them, you also have to cover the pan with saran wrap to make a little greenhouse for it.

They took a long time making them and made them very detailed.

And then...we ate the cake!

This cake is a seriously happy dessert. Everyone was very excited about it...even the grown ups.

See? Very fun.

Then we opened presents. She got lots of books and craft stuff...all the stuff she loves.

I love this group of kiddos. They are great kids....

...including baby Dixie. Sammy asks me pretty often if our baby is going to be as cute as she is. It might be a toss up because she is pretty darn precious.  Happy Birthday Claire...we love you! I can't believe she's a seven-year-old.

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