Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend update: projects and practicing for 3 kids!

I got this dresser on craigslist after searching and searching for a short squatty dresser that could double as a changing table.

The lady sold it to me for $25 and I spent another $20 or so on supplies for repainting it. I bought Behr's paint from home depot which comes with a primer in it. I gave it two coats and put a layer of polyurethane on it which was leftover from when our cabinets were painted.

I left the same hardware because I kinda liked it. We nailed a piece of crown molding to the bottom because it was missing a bottom piece, (as you can see from the original picture of it). Now it sits in my bedroom which will be baby-grand-central-station for a while before we move her into her big sister's room. I wanted a dresser rather than a changing table because I liked the idea of storage. I still kinda can't believe that I will be storing things such as diapers and onesies in my house again. This is so weird.

Claire and Sam got a little practice being a big brother and sister to a baby this weekend since we babysat for my friend Julia's baby Sam. He's one and we just love him to pieces. Feeding him his babyfood was a huge highlight....everyone wanted a part of it. I think we maybe overfed him in our excitement.

After an hour or so he missed his mommy a little so I sat with him on my lap (or what is left of my lap) on our big chair. But, of course, everyone else wanted to be with him at the same time so I ended up with 3 munchkins on my lap. This did not last long as I stopped being able to breathe in that position, but you get the point: my kids loved baby Sammy. I hope they understand that babies don't start out eatting baby food and playing ball...I think they're going to think our new baby is pretty boring for a while.
This little Sammy has two big brothers, Josh and Peter, who were not there this day, but when his mom and dad came to get him they showed us that he likes to sword fight with his big brothers. Now that is MY Sam's kind of baby!

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On the Verge said...

i cant believe youre having a baby. i think im in some sort of weird denial