Thursday, January 12, 2012

Skate boarding: Sam's new thing

Do you by any chance remember this post from 2009? Sam had just received a skateboard for the first time. He was very into it and even liked wearing all the sweet wrist pads and things that make it a little safer. Of course he just thought they made him look "awesome".

Well, fastforward to Christmas and he received his first BIG skateboard. He rode it a lot in Kansas at this nice, clean, pretty skateboard park. Most of the time he was there alone.
But, when we got back to Chicago, he really wanted to keep practicing. The parks here are a little....

And there are a lot of big boys riding dirt bikes around which worried me a little.

But they accepted us pretty quickly (i.e: they stopped riding past Sam quite so closely) and we stayed on one side so they didn't have to get out of the way too much for us.
Logan Square has a covered skateboarding park underneath the highway.

Not exactly like the one in Kansas, but I have a feeling we'll be here pretty often.

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On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

You can tell Sammy that Troy and Chance think all these pics are SO AWESOME and he looks like a legit boarder! Chance's new yrs resolution is to learn how to do some beginner stuff so they can all skateboard together next time you come! :) Awesome Sammy!!