Saturday, January 14, 2012

House decisions for the new year

So last year, about this time, we moved our selves into the tiny room and moved Sam with all his junk into the master bedroom. I thought it would help keep his toys upstairs and we didn't really need all the space, but then a few things happened:
1) We moved Claire into the big room WITH Sam because Luella became incapable of sleeping with other people in the room, and then...
2) We moved Luella into the tiny room...
3) We moved into the front (medium-sized) yellow room.
We were pretty happy with that arrangement except that I got a hankering to change our tv room into a school room and just move the tv into our upstairs room since we really only watch it a little in the evenings anyway.
So....the new house arrangement is as follows:

The kids are in the front room (medium room) and Mr Tommy built us these fabulous lofted beds (and shelves). We got the idea for these hanging beds from The Bumper Crop blog and Mr Tommy copied them pretty closely!

And as you can tell, we keep our version just as nice and clean and fancy-looking as our inspiration room! (not)

Wella is in the tiny room (with the pink couch since we moved it out of the tv room).

We are in the master bedroom again with a new couch/tv sitting area. We got a tiny loveseat to sit on for watching tv. So far we think it's comfortable and just the right size!

And the old tv room is now a school room! I love it.

The only thing is that the big master bedroom is so big (to us) and beige. There is nothing on the walls, and our bedspread is a butterfly quilt I had left from Claire's bed a few years ago.

Here are my inspirations for new bedrooms. Tell me what you think! I'm getting a real feeling of needing to get away from my beige/earth-tone thing that my whole house has been all these years. I need some color and some white and some blue even? I've never used blue except in bathrooms but it's growing on me.

And I want to do the stencil (below) behind our bed or on the big empty wall of our bedroom. But in gray or something.
Yes? Or no...


On the Verge-Couples ed. said...

I love all the things in this blog! except that there was a wella picture missing from this entry. fail on you. but omg your house is so amazing! i like the new ideas, i am sooo jealous you get to make all these changes and redo things that youre actually staying in and not like me in a stupid well, some day ill catch up with you big sister, some day.

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