Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wow...a blog....

What is a blog? Well, for a minister's middle daughter who carries around a blend of martyrdom and raging against the machine, it's probably a recipe for disaster. I'll probably try to make myself look good, or I'll be extremely self-depricating in order to make people feel good about themselves (and inadvertently start to like me) or I'll pour out way too much information about myself and regret it the next day, or I might get on my soap box about something that I really only have limited information about, but feel like a supreme authority about for a minute. Did I already do one of the things? Yep, I think I did.

The following is what I'm hoping for: You know how if you are really into scrapbooking then you start living in a way (and taking pictures in a way) that would make your scrap book look better? Like, you start buying your kids cute swimsuits instead of letting them wear ratty old ones so that they will look good in your scrap book when you do the summer spread? Or you think "maybe we should take a little day trip to an apple orchard this fall...wouldn't that be cute in the scrap book with little apple stickers around it?" Well.....maybe since I'll be sharing things on this blog about me, I'll start living in a way that is worth blogging about! Probably not likely. I might have to make some stuff up. ;)

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ohio12 said...

Well, you did THIS before I did! Here's to a blogworthy life!