Monday, May 16, 2011

Matt's small group party

Matt loves games. So every once in a while we invite his small group of guys (and their wives/girlfriends) over to our house for a game night.

This night happened to be Saturday night, which was the night before I had to throw Sam's birthday party, so that was kinda crazy. But still fun.

Babies roamed the living room, little boys watched videos with Sam, and the grown ups ate and drank and played pictionary.

Pictionary is actually NOT Matt's favorite game, but he'll play anything with these guys.

Lots of gesturing was involved, which I'm not sure is allowed, but it was done anyway. :)

Matt takes games very seriously, which is why I never play them with him. He's super-duper competitive.

So his team did their best.

I think they still lost though.

It was fun to see him so happy.
And it was REALLY funny when John Piercy drew this version of the phrase "model train". :)

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Jenn said...

We love playing games with the Harrises!! We played balderdash with some friends the other day and found some old definitions y'all wrote...your Scurryfunger definition was pretty fantastic :)