Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Aunt Katie

My baby sister came to visit last weekend with her boyfriend, Chance.

They came bearing gifts. These light-up building things were well-loved. And Chance was very nice and played with Sammy a lot all weekend.

He was extra nice to play with Sam because Sammy's basic demeanor all weekend was something like the picture above. 'Nuf said.

We took the train downtown to do some shopping.

They are already starting the Christmas decorations at Macy's!

We hit Garrett's popcorn and Chance convinced me to stray from my usual "carmel only" policy and try the popular mix of carmel-mixed-with-cheese. I thought it would be gross, but it was actually really good! You learn something new every day....

...including the fact that our Sammy is a clothes horse. We went into H&M (where Aunt Katie did some serious damage) and Sam kept finding things he liked. Like this hat.

 Then we went over to this place called Akira that apparently has a very cute kids section and Sammy kept finding things he wanted there too. Like this coat.
Cute stuff.

Sam wanted this outfit too. He was so mad that I wouldn't buy him anything. He kept saying "but you HAVE money!"

Wella did her usual sleeping.

Except we've moved on from the Moby to this great baby carrier called the Ergo wrap. It's great on the back and doesn't require quite as much wrapping.

I got a pair of jeans and a pair of boots at H&M. The rest of these bulging bags belonged to Katie and Chance. be young again.

After our shopping we headed home for a little Wella time.

She's still cute! And not slim.

They also went over to Sam's new soccer class with him. I actually haven't been yet. Is that bad?

On their last night here, the happy couple had a date to the Signature Room at the top of the Hancock building, (the restaurant is on the 95th floor and the food is I hear). They had a table by the window in a corner so they had a great view. We were so glad they came to visit. It was fun to meet Chance and get to finally spend some time with my little sister. Love you Kates! Thanks for making the epic drive to Chi-town.

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