Monday, August 2, 2010

Family Reunion

This past week we had a little family reunion. My Aunt Marty and Uncle Bruce were there from Colorado and they brought one of their kids, Julie. She's a fabulous young lady who went around holding everyone's babies all night. Here she is with Wella-Wella. Isn't she beautiful?
We all met out at my Aunt Becky and Uncle Rich's house in Barrington. Their daughter, my cousin Hilary, and her hubby Mark were there as well and we finally got to meet their precious baby, Leia.
Aunt Becky and Uncle Rich's house is always a hit with children. They have always had a house with tons of roaming outdoor space for kiddos to frolic in. Here is my niece Ellie enjoying one of the several kiddy pools out on the back patio. Becky is
also very laid back about things like messes and general craziness so it's an easy place to hang out.

A major tradition when all the men of this family get together are conversations on religion and politics. Between them we have someone who works for the government, someone who works in politics, two pastors and a lawyer. So, you know, they all have a few ideas to share with each other. Haha.

Matt loves it out in Barrington. If we didn't live in the city, we'd want to live somewhere way out where we could have a beautiful outdoor space. But for now, we just enjoy this once a year or so...

My mom with Jane.

Claire and Ellie warming up.

Hil and I with our babies. My Aunt Marty brought them both cute hats. Luella is modeling hers.

The back patio. My pictures were all blurry because I don't like how flash looks at night. That is why it looks like everyone is in motion.

Oh, here are the hats....and a better shot of Leia.

Claire and Ellie catch tiny frogs.

Aunt Marty and Mom in the kitchen. See the mural-y walls? My Aunt Becky painted those and the ceiling. She's a fabulous artist. I did not get any of her genes.

So, the best moment of Sammy's life happened that night when he ran down to the huge garage that houses Becky and Rich's giant boat and found this tiny, but real, motorcycle. It belonged to their youngest son, Kent, who Sammy idolizes for his snowboarding and skateboarding abilities.

The rest of the night this is all we saw of Sammy. It was such a tiny (but fast) bike that it kept reminding me of The Mouse and the Motorcycle.

Sammy picks up chicks (okay, Julie) on his bike.

Julie gives it a try.

We had to stop for repairs once, but it was nothing grandad and Uncle Bruce couldn't handle.

Aunt Marty and Kent, who kept Sammy busy all evening. Thanks Kent!!!

It was a great night and so fun to be with everyone. I really have a great family.

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