Friday, January 15, 2010

Keeping us going

It's cold here, (well, actually, for Chicago it isn't so bad).  But it's been a long week. There are things I'd like to do, like work on the house a little. And there are things that I need to do. And right now, it seems like I better just stick to the things I need to do, because that's about all that's getting done around here. School, breakfast, lunch, dinner, cleaning, fixing some things, etc. Beyond that I have no time! Until the kids go to bed, I'm in full swing. All the time. Here are the very small things that are keeping me going in the day-in-day-out.

This picture of Sam from this time last year. So precious. His little cheeks look just a little more baby-ish than they do now. He's basically a big kid now.

Asking each other if it will be a "boy baby" or a "girl baby" as my 20 week-appointment approaches this Monday. Obviously, this is not my stomach. Lets not even say the reasons why. However, to my credit, I have gone to the gym 3 times this week! First time in 6 months, however.

Watching Mad Men. I say this with a tear in my eye because we were watching them "on demand" and the first 6 episodes are on there but now there are no more. I'm not sure where to find them except that I guess we could join Netflix or something. However, though I look forward to watching it, it actually kinda depresses me. It makes the roll of the housewife so trivial and sad, which always makes me question myself. I hope I'm not trivial and sad. But then again, if I was as beautiful as January Jones, maybe being a trivial, petty 1950's housewife wouldn't be so bad.

Speaking of housewife things, another thing that is making thing better in our completely messy mud room are these great industrial-ish floor mats that I got at Home Depot. They are practically our wall-to-wall carpeting right now, and with all the snow and salt that we track in, I'm so glad to have them. And I'm so glad to not be living in our old condo where we had no place to put all this crap.

I would like to say that baking is getting me through the long cold days as well. And it is: technically. We made these whole wheat dinner rolls (which have to rise 3 times!) today and that took a big chunk of the afternoon for Claire and I. But actually, the cooking/baking thing is good and bad. It's good in that we are having nice sit-down family dinners. It is bad because it's exhausting me between the cooking and the clean-up. Tonight at dinner I could barely eat I was so tired. And this is the time of day that I could have some alone time, (since Matt would be home) but instead I'm too tired for anything productive and can only bring myself to watch trashy television (hence Mad Men). I need a break from cooking this weekend.

Making stuff. What to do in Chicago when you know that winter is only beginning? Start making stuff. I don't know what our next projects are, but today we spent part of the afternoon making Sammy this robin hood hat and quiver for his arrows. He and Matt played Robin Hood and Sheriff after dinner for quite a long time. Matt asked me if he should keep his Sheriff badge on "for later". Haha. ;) Sorry big guy. If only I'd ordered pizza tonight instead. I'm beat. And dirty.

So anyway, that's us right now.

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