Friday, September 11, 2009

Joe Spro

Before we went to the church we go to now, we went to a church called Park Community Church in Lincoln Park which is on the north side of Chicago. When we got into a small group of "young married couples" at Park, I was 8 months pregnant. No one else was pregnant or had previously had any children. We were young...happy....youthful. Then I had Claire, and she became the little angel of the small group. Everyone loved her. Shortly after that, another lady got pregnant, and then another, and then another. And then we had our second round, and then some had their thirds. And then Matt and I switched churches.
Joe Sprovieri was our "single guy". Well, we called him that because he wasn't married yet, but when he dated it was always very serious. Joe is a very serious guy. I mean, he's a ton of fun, but he does not mess around. He's a spreadsheet guy, a planner, a to-do list kind of man. So when he does something you know it's well thought out. So after falling in love with Katie and then dating her for several years, he decided to marry her. She's lovely.
We were invited to their wedding which took place at the chapel at Loyola University. It's a beautiful chapel that looks out onto Lake Michigan.
We were running late and I was panicking because of all the weddings in the world to ever be late to, I did not want to be late to Joe's, (remember how he's a spreadsheet kind of guy?). He would have remembered. For a long time. But luckily, we were right on time (maybe 2 minutes late) and we got to sit by friends from our old small group.
It was a beautiful wedding. Did I mention the bride is a triplet?! Lucky Joe, right! Of course we had to make many jokes about them trading places and Joe having to figure out who was who.
We met up with Abby and PJ, from our old small group. As we were sitting together at the wedding, PJ dropped the news that they are about to have their 4th child. 4th! This beautiful lady weighs less than she did when she started having children! And for that, I will always be jealous of her. Unfortunately, she is very gracious and thoughtful and fabulous, so you can't hate her.
The reception was in the suburbs, and we had a little time before the cocktail hour started so we headed to Woodfield Mall. I haven't been to a mall in so long! It was fun. Matt bought me a Schoolhouse Rocks t-shirt for being a homeschooling mom.
Did I mention that they are triplets? I couldn't get a good picture though.
The best man was hilarious. He's known Joe for years and years so he kinda roasted him in his speech. He brought up all the classic Joe obsessive-compulsive stuff. Like how he ironed his boxer shorts in college, and how he wouldn't let one of his dates bring her take-home box of steak in his car because he thought it would make it smell. Pretty funny stuff.
Here we are with a lot of our old small group. Of course, we're missing Dan and Robin, Cara and Joe, Jason and Nicole, and Jen and Ryan...but it was fun to see the Chicagoland crew.


On the Verge said...

cute how matt matched his shirt and tie to your dress:) presh.

Robin said...

I've been waiting all week for this post. You guys looked fabulous and Joe & Katie looked stunning, as expected. PJ has finally convinced me of the benefits of those shakes they drink every morning. My bowl of Cheerios barely gives me enough energy to take care of one child, let alone four. It's great to see pictures of everyone. Okay, I want to come home now :)